who we are

EK kuva


Elina Kivelä is a choreographer, pedagog and composer who has been educating music, physical education and dance teachers widely abroad: in Australia, in European countries, Japan, USA and in New Zealand.

Elina has also been the choreographer-leader for two body percussion groups: Syrjähyppy and tremolo and has been performing with the groups with great success.

what we offer

Kultanuotti was founded in 1997 in order to produce materials for music and rhythm training: books, cd’s and videos. Kultanuotti also organises courses and workshops on rhythm training. If you wish to invite me to give a course in your country, you can do it here.

  • Body percussion courses from beginners to advanced
  • Rhythm courses for teachers (kindergarden, primary school, high school)
  • Materials: rainbow rings, books, dvd’s you can order from webstore